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Size:                   14"
Shapes:               Round balloon with handle
Inflated with:        Air (Consumer Inflated)

Please Note:  These balloons are sold flat (in packets) and easily inflated by the customer at time of purchase. Each balloon has a handle as part of the balloon and as such this balloon does not require a cup and stick. Special display stands for this product are also available.  This product is perfect where retail space is limited.

ACC:Slime Glue 1L

Model: SG-001
Price Unavailable

IAF:Angry Bird Sling Short

Model: 2736001
Price Unavailable


Model: 3015801
Price Unavailable

IAF:Despicable Me

Model: 2995501
Price Unavailable

IAF:Disney Frozen

Model: 2816301
Price Unavailable

IAF:Disney Planes

Model: 2741101
Price Unavailable

IAF:Doc McStuffins

Model: 2772001
Price Unavailable

IAF:Finding Dory

Model: 3355701
Price Unavailable


Model: 2702901
Price Unavailable

IAF:Monsters University

Model: 2830501
Price Unavailable

IAF:My Little Pony

Model: 3017401
Price Unavailable

IAF:Sofia First

Model: 2771901
Price Unavailable

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